CodeTime Papers

The Case for an Integrated Platform, or "Why not just a language?" (Nov 06)

Starts with the three most important goals of a parallel-software platform, then shows a web of dependencies which force the entire platform to be developed as a coherent whole.

Enforcing Conformance to the Standard (Sept 06)

Gives the strategy for ensuring that a coherent platform specification is developed and that all players that create elements of the platform adhere to the specification. This allows software from a 3rd party developer to run on any implementation of the OS Interface, on top of any Hardware.

The OS Interface (Jan 07)

Gives the elements of a hardware-independent OS interface. An application written to this interface will run on any hardware that implements it. The interface should be straight-forward to implement on top of existing native OSs.

Theoretical Framework underlying the CodeTime Platform (May 06)

Introduces the basic concepts that the computation model, OS, and the rest of the platform are built upon. Puts languages, chip-processors, and programs into the same framework, explains why parallelising compilers have so far failed, categorizes current popular parallel languages, and explains what schedulers are and what they need, which explains why CodeTime can succeed where other approaches have failed.

Operational Semantics of Circuit Elements in the Computation Model (Mar 07)

Formal semantics of the circuit elements in the CodeTIme computation model. Introduces a modified form of big-step semantics, extends the concept of a store to multiple levels, and introduces an operator that switches rule-sets (semantics of multi-tasking, such as an interpreter switching between interpreted programs)

Run-Time System that Implements the Computation Model (May 05)

A peer-to-peer run-time system that adjusts the size of data dynamically to balance the load. Shows proof-of-concept results from an implementation.

CodeTime Platform Overview (Dec 05)

An introduction to each piece of the platform, what it does, how it interacts with the other pieces.

The BaCTiL language (Aug 04)

A low-level language layered over the CodeTime computation model. Gives the commands and the syntax and effect of each.

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